School Management

School is run by Apostolic Carmel Corporate management which is specially dedicated to girls education and it has been an inspiration and situation provider for more than a century in Malabar. A Board of Management is responsible for the overall management and policy development of the School. The Board is comprised of the Headmistress and various parents with particular skills to contribute to the management of the School. The Management appoints the Head Mistress and Head Mistress is responsible for the employment of staff, after consultation with the Board of Management.

Board of Management

  • Management :Corporate Management
  • Management Name :Apostolic Carmel Educational Agency
  • Established In :1886
  • Manager : Sr. Theodoret A.C


Address :

The Corporate Manager,
Apostolic Carmel Provincial House
Malaparamba P.O : Kozhikode 673009
Kerala, India.


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