Various Club Activities

Clubs are work groups of pupils who show an extra or special interest in a particular subject or activity.

The Sacred Heart Girls’ Higher Secondary School encourages our students to take part in various  club activities and programmes. The following clubs  are functioning in our school. Members enthusiastically participate in all the activities with the whole hearted support of teachers

Science Club

Science Club started functioning in 1970’s. Club activities enable the children to win prizes in district and state level competitions. School science club releases science magazine every year recording its achievements , scientific articles and activities. We have participated in Southern India Science Fair, National Science Seminar and National Children Science Congress. At Present there are 230 members in our science club.

Social Science Club

Social science is a vast field that encompasses the study of everything from one’s limited environment to the wide world which is the abode of man . Since 1997 our school has a powerful and an active social science club.
The Club started functioning with 55 talented students organizing various programmes on the National and International days, Environment day, UNO day etc. are celebrated with immense enthusiasm and co-operation. Various programmes like collage making, painting competition, Quiz, Elocution, Notice board display and other cultural programmes etc.  The students of social science club proved their hallmark by securing the overall championship in the social science exhibition in Sub-district  level  in the academic year 2014-15. At present there are 150 members in the Social science club. Our students participated in various quiz competitions and secured first prize .Shilna. K and Shalet participated in state level Still Model competition and secured B grade

Maths Club

Maths Club in Sacred Heart Girls’ High School was formed in early 90’s.

Henceforth it has executed various activities to inculcate in the students an aptitude for maths and scientific outlook.  We have state winners in Maths  Seminar, Geometrical chart,Projects and other charts. This year the club started functioning with 130 members. Every year club members release a magazine ‘Math Beats ‘.

IT Club

IT Club secured overall championship in Sub district level. Students participated in district and state level competition. Kum.Greeshma scored ‘A’ grade in multimedia presentation.

Vidyarangam Kalasahithya Vedhi

The functioning of Vidyarangam in our school is praise worthy. It provides ample opportunities for the children to develop their abilities in literature, literary quiz, book review etc. Competitions like story writing, versification, nadanpattu, riddles etc. are also conducted. We keep up the important days in remembrance of eminent writers in Malayalam literature. The members are given chances to take part in a variety of programmes and study tour. .We are proud to say that our unit has got the sub district championship for the past few years and our student Yamini. K has secured first place with’ A’ grade in State Level Water Colour competition,this year.

Eco Club

The Eco Club of our school is functioning  actively. They do various activities like gardening, cleaning the premises, planting and protection of medicinal plants, water management ,plantain farming,exhibitions,vegetable cultivation etc.

Health Club

We have also started the health club this year in order to improve the healthy habits of our students. The awareness programmes are conducted by them to raise the healthy and hygienic habits of all students in the school as well as their family members.

Art Club

The Art Club of our school is actively functioning. The Art Club helps the students in our school to learn and experience various Art forms like dance, music – vocal & instrumental, drama, painting etc..

Literary Club

In order to enable the pupils to develop confidence in using English language an English club has started functioning in the year 2010. There are about fifty members in the club and three teachers are in charge of the club. The members meet every fortnight and they participate in various learning activities like debates, skits, seminars and other discussions effectively and confidently. The members get opportunity to familiarize with English dailies, Journals, Magazines, Notices, Brochures, Letters etc.

Seed club

In order to develop the sense of love and care towards nature we started Seed club activities in 2013.There are 80 students in the club. Some of the important activities successfully carried out are

  • Plantain farming
  • Vegetable cultivation
  • Street play- ”Pancharapalumittayi”
  • Documentary-”Vanageetham”
  • Exhibitions
  • Talks of experts.
  • Planting trees to protect Erancholi river
  • Field Visit etc.

We are proud to say that in 2014 and 15 we got “Harithavidhyalayam” award.

Nallapadam club

Nallapadam makes the students aware of the social issues and react upon it . The club members lend their helping hands to the needy in the society to uplift their living status.

Activities of the club

  • A street play against alcoholism
  • Onam sadhya and distribution of Onam kit for the deserving poor
  • Every friday ”Pothichoru” distribution
  • Awareness class by Dr.Ummar on pain and palliative care
  • Rice and bed sheet distribution for needy


It is very proud to note that the 56th Thalassery Guide Company in the Sacred Heart Girls Higher Secondary School functions very actively.   Guide Captains Smt.Suma  P Unni, Smt. Sheena Pullenkunnel  and Smt.Sona Sebastian are now assisting the company.Most of our cadets have been the recipients of Rajyapuraskar award. The four days unit camp held every year is an unforgettable experience for the cadets. The different activities like Hike, Patrol-Expedition, Service Projects, Small Saving Projects etc., not only enhance the knowledge and enthusiasm but also help the guides to reach their goal.

Our Cadets have shown their ability in the national and statel level camps.  They are turned out  empowered  and inspired to care for the future generation.

Junior Red Cross

Sacred Heart Girls’ Higher Secondary  School has a well established J.R.C Unit. Started in 1991 with 50 members, got registered in 2001. Now there are 48 members ,actively participating in all the activities in the school including social service, noon meal distribution , awareness programmes, making of first aid box in each class. Extends its service to the society too.

Souhridha club

     The Souhrida club is to improve the physical, academic ,social and intra personal skills of the adolescents and lead them towards a successful adulthood. It was introduced in our Higher Secondary section in the academic year 2012-13.There are 50 students in this club.The club has been undertaken the activities of health care and mental care.

ASAP- Additional Skill Acquisition Programmes

   General and higher education department implemented the ASAP to amplify working hands in different sectors of the economy by providing additional skills to the set of students along with their regular courses.

This programme is introduced in our school in December 2014 with 24 students.

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